Don't worry we got the sauce!​

Step 1: Pick Entrée


Order of  Tacos (4)           7.75
four tacos of your choice meat with a side of charro beans
Tacos                           1.59 ea
Tacos •asada •tripe       1.99 ea
with flour 2.49ea
 flour Tacos                 1.99 ea
 Lengua Tacos                2.49 ea


  french roll bread sandwiched includes meat of your choice.  mayo • jalapenos • tomatoes • avocado • onions. 
Regular                        5.99 ea
Torta w/ meat off the spin •asada Tripa • Mix  6.99 ea
Lengua Torta         7.49 ea


Sincronizada a family member of the quesadilla includes meat of your choice mozzarella cheese • jalapenos • tomatoes • onions • avocado
    Regular Sincronizada                5.99 ea
Sincronizada w/ meat off the spin •asada Tripe • Mix   6.49 ea
Sincronizada Lengua  6.99 ea 
        Quesadilla (Cheese Only)          3.99 ea        
 Quesadilla with meat              5.49 ea


burrito includes meat of  your choice. tomatoes • onions • parsley • cheese •  beans
Regular   3.99 ea
 Burrito w/meat off the spin   •asada Tripa • Mix   4.75 ea
Lengua Burrito      5.25 ea

Hamburguesa Mexicana

Beef  hamburger includes  ham •  american white and yellow cheese• onion• lettuce • tomatoes • jalapenos • mayo• mustard• avocado. w/ side of french fries
Hamburguesa Mexicana          5.99 ea

only at our taqueria.

Childs Menu

Chicken Nuggets (5)           3.99
Five nuggets followed with french fries and a side of ketchup (fries only 1.49)
Quesadilla (solo queso)      3.99 ea
 Hamburguesa Temito           2.99 ea  
Solo carne y queso americano con un lado de papas

only at our taqueria.

Step 2: Pick filling



• grilled BEEF
• CHICHARRON (pork skin cracklins) 

Menudo Para El Crudo

Saturdays & sundays
hungover? Its a mexican tradition to cure a hangover with Menudo. So, come and treat yourself with a menudo! Served ONLY Saturday and Sunday! 
Chico 4.99 ea
Grande 7.49 ea

only at our taqueria.


Fresh waters

Horchata • Limonade

Chico 1.99 Grande 2.99

Coca Cola, Fanta, Sprite (½L) 2.99

Jarritos 1.75

Mandarina • Fruit Punch • Pineapple • Lime • Tamarindo • Sangria • Apple soda • grapefruit

topo chico 1.99

Soda De Lata 1.25

Coca Cola • Dr. Pepper • Pepsi • Sprite • Fanta naranja • Diet Coke

Cafe 1.75

Bottle Water 1.25

Grupos de cuatro personas se le agregara 1.00 de tips Party of four will automatically add 1.00 fee for tips Grupos de seis personas o más se le agregan 15% de tips Party of six or more will automatically add 15% fee for tips Todo lo extra se cobra Add ons will be charged

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