about us

We are a family owned restaurant. We started out with our taco truck in 2007. Instantly, our guest loved what we had to offer and we’ve been keeping our people happy ever since. So, if you’ve never made a pit stop at our shop. Feel free to stop by and get your taco fix.

We are a Taqueria that focuses on providing an Authentic Mexican Street Style plate. We offer Tacos, Tortas, Burritos, Sincronizadas, Mexican Hamburgers, and of course Menudo on the weekends. All of which a Taqueria should have. If you’ve had authentic you know what to expect. For those who haven’t had the opportunity. We bring you traditional street style plates closer to home.

Our specialty

  We specialize in crafting our own meats from scratch. YES from scratch! We receive fresh meat on a daily basis. That being our meat is always fresh and NEVER FROZEN. 

  We take the time to craft a “Trompo” from seasoning the meat to constructing its famous spin shape. From carving thin slices of meat off the spin to create our most loved Taco Al Pastor!  

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