Welcome! We are a Taco shop that defines the word “authentic”. When it comes to delivering an AUTHENTIC meal to your plate we mean it. We don’t mess around! Enough of reading this! Our food will speak for itself. So, Come and check us out and try our famous Al Pastor De Trompo.

We love flavor

We love flavor! Who wants boring meat with just salt and pepper? No one!  So, at TEMO we make sure to deliver a authentic seasoned meat to your Taco. You will find that our meats are all so different but yet so tasty!

Another day, another Trompo

Meet the “Trompo” Marinated Pork meat stacked up creating the appearance of a spin.  Haven’t Tasted Trompo? Come and give it a try!  You’re in for a surprise!

if you haven’t yet tried this work of art. You my friend are missing out!

Yes our Trompo is the real deal!

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